10 Safety Tips for Crab Island

Crab Island is one of the main attractions in Destin. It is family-friendly and a fun place to hang out and enjoy the water. However, every year someone dies because of not being aware of their surroundings or doing something to endanger themselves and everyone around them.

Be Safe. Know Before You Go!

❌1. Do not swim beyond Crab Island. “STAY ON THE ISLAND.” The current is very very dangerous. Sometimes on the island, it’s strong enough you will need to brace yourself while standing.

❌2. If you anchor on the edges of the island, do not go to the edge where it gets deep. If you do, you’re taking the risk of drowning.

✅3. For everyone’s safety, have someone get off the boat and pull it to your desired location once you’re in the shallow area.

✅4. Look for the white buoys that say no boats. That’s where I go and then have someone on the boat get off and pull us to where we can anchor.

✅5. If you choose to drive your boat to the island, rather than getting a boat with a captain, watch out for other people’s anchor lines. The last thing you wanna do is get that wrapped up in your prop.

❌6. Do NOT dive off of your boat and into the water. The depth can be deceiving and is usually not deep enough to dive into. You could break your neck or worse.

✅7. Just about everyone is drinking. The Florida sun is intense. Be mindful and don’t let the alcohol go to your head. The only shade out there is what you bring.

✅8. For everyone’s safety, leave glass bottles at home.

✅9. Go SLOW. It is idle speed from where you rent your boat till you reach Crab Island. Remember, law enforcement is out there pulling people over left and right. Take your time to get to the island and enjoy the view.

✅10. If you’re walking around on the sandbar, watch out for anchors. Most of them are probably rusty and could end your day of fun very quickly.

Let’s talk about etiquette. Crab Island is a fun place for all ages.

❌If you pull up next to another boat with small kids,  Don’t turn your radio up and play disrespectful music or foul language.  Remember you pulled up beside them.

✅If you have kids and you pull up beside a boat and their music isn’t something you want your kids to listen to or you don’t want to hear, then go park somewhere else.

Insider Tip

The clearest water at Crab Island happens during high tide. Check the tide chart for Crab Island BEFORE you book your watercraft rental. Learn more >

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