Water Temperatures
in Destin

One of the most frequently asked questions in our Facebook Group Destin Beach is “how cold/warm will the water be during my Destin vacation?” While the average daily temperature varies from year to year, here is the average water and air temperature in Destin, Florida by month:

Water Temperatures by Month

High °F Low °F Month High °C Low °C
65.1 60.2 January 19.5 14.6
64.1 58.9 February 19 13.8
67 61.9 March 20.6 15.5
72.8 67.7 April 23.8 18.7
79.4 72.9 May 27.8 21.3
84.6 80.3 June 30.2 25.9
86.7 83.2 July 31.2 27.7
87.1 84.9 August 31.1 28.9
84.6 81.6 September 29.9 26.9
81.4 76.3 October 28.6 23.5
74.7 68.9 November 25 19.2
68.2 64.6 December 20.9 17.3

Monthly Air Temperatures in Destin

High °F Low °F Month High °C Low °C
61 45 January 16 7
63 47 February 17 8
68 53 March 20 12
74 60 April 24 15
82 68 May 28 20
87 75 June 31 24
89 77 July 32 25
89 76 August 32 24
86 72 September 30 22
79 63 October 26 17
70 54 November 21 12
62 47 December 17 8

Where is the clearest water in Destin?

Like the weather, water clarity in Destin depends on a lot of different factors. We all want to plan our vacation so that we get to experience the prettiest and clearest water while we’re there. Keep in mind, Mother Nature will play a big part in what the water looks like during your visit. 

For the most part, the water in Destin is crystal clear. However, storms in the Gulf of Mexico, or if June grass is present, then you will not experience the water as clear as it is at other times. You can check the water clarity forecast by looking up the surf report. On a side note, the water at Crab Island is clearest during high tide

What is June Grass?

June grass, an algal bloom. It migrates from the center of the Gulf of Mexico and works its way inland as the water begins to warm up. June Grass can show up as early as June and last till the water starts to cool down. “It’s ecology at work. It is the beach renourishing itself” according to Rich Huffnagle, Okaloosa County’s beach safety chief.

When does it go away?
That can be hard to predict. It’s more likely to appear after a storm, heavy rain session, or closer to freshwater outlets. Freshwater systems are full of rich nutrients that act as a fertilizer for June Grass. 

Is it safe?
June Grass is perfectly safe. It’s annoying, slimy, and a bit gross, but it’s perfectly harmless. In fact, it’s necessary for the ecosystem to thrive. It’s completely unrelated to “red tide,” and does not create toxins so you’ll be safe to go for a dip, should you not mind risking a bit getting caught in your hair or swim trunks.

Beachgoers can visit a blog called The June Grass Report (junegrassreport.com), which is dedicated to monitoring the amount of algae along the beaches. The website offers information about June grass and tips to avoid it.


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