James Lee Beach

Exploring public beach access options in or around Destin? Look no further than the enchanting James Lee Beach. This beach caters to both locals and tourists, offering well-maintained amenities and facilities. 

Often nicknamed ‘Crab Trap Beach,’ James Lee Beach is recognized for its proximity to the popular Crab Trap restaurant. Serving as the closest dining spot to the beach, it’s an ideal stop before or after a fun-filled day in the sand. While the restaurant is an added benefit to the beach experience, you’re free to bring your snacks or picnic lunch. The park has 3 pavilions, 41 picnic tables, 9 dune walkovers, a playground, restrooms with changing rooms, and 166 parking spaces.

James Lee Beach or Crab Trap Beach

The parking lot fills up rapidly in the afternoon, so plan accordingly to secure a prime spot. Keep an eye out for golf carts dominating the parking lot during the day. If mornings aren’t your preference, try your luck in the afternoon, though success may vary.

No need to worry about changing into your swimsuit in advance, as the public beach provides restroom facilities with convenient changing areas. After a day of beach fun, feel free to rinse off under the outdoor showers, although be prepared for lines on busy days, particularly as evening approaches.

James Lee Beach or Crab Trap Beach

Families love this beach not just for its peaceful atmosphere but also for the small playground it houses. With slides and sand activities, keeping youngsters entertained for an entire afternoon is a breeze.

While the atmosphere at James Lee Park Beach is family-friendly, you might witness a beach-based wedding or encounter visitors engaging in various activities such as jogging, yoga, or crafting intricate sandcastles. If you prefer unwinding on the sand, you’re in good company with fellow sun-soakers.

Insider Tip:

  • For real-time updates on conditions and crowds at James Lee Park, check out the webcam on the Old 98 website, which offers a clear view of this beach and others in the vicinity.