Like everywhere else, Destin has its seasons. The warm summer season draws the most visitors and crowds to the beach which leads to higher rates. Winter temperatures are cooler with minimal demand for beach time, so rates for accommodations are lower but there are still plenty of things to do to keep you entertained. The following is a brief review of each season and should help you determine when the best time is for you to visit Destin.

Monthly Temperatures in Destin

High °F Low °F Month High °C Low °C
61 45 January 16 7
63 47 February 17 8
68 53 March 20 12
74 60 April 24 15
82 68 May 28 20
87 75 June 31 24
89 77 July 32 25
89 76 August 32 24
86 72 September 30 22
79 63 October 26 17
70 54 November 21 12
62 47 December 17 8

Water Temperatures in Destin

High °F Low °F Month High °C Low °C
65.1 60.2 January 19.5 14.6
64.1 58.9 February 19 13.8
67 61.9 March 20.6 15.5
72.8 67.7 April 23.8 18.7
79.4 72.9 May 27.8 21.3
84.6 80.3 June 30.2 25.9
86.7 83.2 July 31.2 27.7
87.1 84.9 August 31.1 28.9
84.6 81.6 September 29.9 26.9
81.4 76.3 October 28.6 23.5
74.7 68.9 November 25 19.2
68.2 64.6 December 20.9 17.3

Today's Water Temperature

Summer in Destin

ople playing in the water at Crab Island, Destin Florida

Summer generally runs from the week before Memorial Day weekend through August.  Vacation rentals and hotels are at their peak because of the demand.

Many families make it an annual tradition to visit Destin during the summer since schools are out and there is a lot to do with the kids. The daytime temperatures usually stay below 92 degrees with quite a bit of humidity. Unlike many other places, there is almost always a five to fifteen mile per hour breeze blowing off the gulf. 

Top Attractions in Destin

Fall in Destin

Rates on accommodations will start to fall in mid-August through late October. The summer heat subsides in late September and the humidity becomes quite tolerable. This is a favorite time of year for many visitors to Destin. Daytime temperatures are usually in the mid-seventies. Nights are delightfully cool and crisp. This wonderful weather lasts until early December which truly invigorates the soul. The water temperatures remain warm enough to go swimming until almost Thanksgiving.

The crowds who start arriving by Memorial Day usually leave before Labor Day due to early school starts which means the beaches are less populated. Fall is also the time to enjoy Oktoberfest celebrations, beer fests, and art shows. The famous Destin Fishing Rodeo goes on throughout October with daily weigh-ins down on the Destin docks and cash prize awards at the end of the month. The Destin Seafood Festival occurs at this time of year for three days with tons of fresh seafood, beer, wine, and musical entertainment performed on various stages throughout the area.

Henderson_Beach_MyDestinBeach-in the fall

Winter in Destin


The winter season starts at the end of October and runs through mid-March. Florida is sunny approximately 340 days each year including winter which earns it the nickname of “the sunshine state.” This is when you can get the absolute lowest rental rates available all year. The winter season is accompanied by crisp azure blue skies with sparkling sunshine almost every day. Highs usually range in the fifties during the day and the low forties at night. Occasionally, daytime temperatures can even reach up into the low seventies. 

Spring in Destin

The spring season starts in March and lasts until late May. The rates for accommodations start to rise a bit but don’t reach their peak until summer. The weather is mild and quite comfortable from mid-March until early May with temperatures in the seventies during the day and fifties at night with little to no humidity. The water temperatures of the gulf are not as warm as they are in the fall.