Staying in a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel

Beachfront View from Vacation Rental in Destin

Accommodations are going to be one of the largest expenses of your vacation. If you are traveling with a large family or group, renting several hotel rooms can add up quickly. Deciding whether to rent a hotel or vacation rental can be a pretty challenging decision your first time. After that, you’ll be hooked on the added benefits a vacation rental can offer. However, there are times when a hotel might suit your travel needs better.

1. Get more for your money

If your party is large enough that a single hotel room doesn’t work, finding a vacation can save you quite a bit of money. Vacation rentals tend to be a lot cheaper than a hotel room, especially if you want to stay longer than three days. The longer you stay in a vacation rental the more money you can save. Let’s not forget about parking. Overnight parking at a hotel can add up to a significant amount. Vacation rentals usually offer one or two spaces for parking at no additional charge. Some do not so be sure to read the small print in the description of your rental.

2. Pick the perfect room

When staying at a hotel, you do not usually have the option of picking the room you would like to stay in. Vacation rentals are individually owned in most cases. You select the room you want online, and that’s the room you get when you check in. This will require a bit more browsing upfront to find the decor that suits your taste. Be sure to verify the view from the profile pictures if that’s important to you.

Pet-Friendly - 2120

Pet-Friendly Beachside Condo

Beautiful Comfortable ON GULF Private Beach. Onsite Restaurant. Near shopping and excursions. 🔹Sleeps: 4 🔹Bedrooms: 1 🔹Bathrooms: 1


Destin West Beach Resort 504

Six pools w/lazy river - On the Beach - 5min beach walk to the FWB Pier and Destin Boardwalk 🔹Sleeps: 8 🔹Bedrooms: 2 🔹Bathrooms: 2


Destin West Beach Resort 510

Six pools w/lazy river - On the Beach - 5min beach walk to the FWB Pier and Destin Boardwalk 🔹Sleeps: 8 🔹Bedrooms: 2 🔹Bathrooms: 2

3. More space

The amount of space your family needs may be the deciding factor as to whether a vacation rental or hotel room is what would work best for you. A typical hotel room has 325 square feet. If you are sleeping four people or more in that room, with all of their luggage you are going to be tripping over one another. No matter if you select a condo or a cabin, you’re going to have a lot more space when you choose a vacation rental.

If you are traveling with kids, they can go stir crazy in a hotel room. This is another great reason to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel. Personally, I like to get up early, grab a cup of coffee, and head to the beach to take sunrise pictures. I want to be able to do that without waking up the rest of the family. When the kids were smaller, we rented a two-bedroom with twin beds in the second bedroom. They are old enough now, we rent a three-bedroom unit.

Not having to share a bathroom with four or more people can be a huge benefit of choosing a vacation rental. Especially when you’ve been at the beach all day and want to come back to the room and everyone has to shower and dress for dinner.

4. Prepare home cooked meals

Choosing to stay in a condo versus a hotel allows you to save money by cooking some of your meals rather than eating out at restaurants for every meal. This can save you quite a bit of money, but keep in mind you will need to go grocery shopping once you arrive to obtain the food you need for preparing meals during your stay.
Most vacation rentals come with basic utensils, dishes, and cookware. However, if you have a meal that requires special attention, be sure to find out ahead of time if you need to pack those important items.

5. No surprises at check out

Unlike a hotel, there’s no tipping, parking fees, internet/movie charges, mini-bar, taxes, resort fees, and other charges added to your bill at check-out. All charges are paid upfront.

6. Extra amentities

Many times, the rentals will have a washer and dryer available at no cost. That allows you the luxury of not having to carry dirty clothes home in your suitcase. A DVD player, movies, and Wi-Fi can cost extra at a hotel, those amenities typically come standard in a vacation rental.

If you’re looking for that home away from home feel, a vacation rental just might be what you’re looking for.