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Road Trip to Destin

With all that’s going on in the world, our lives have definitely changed in the last few years. Many of us are working from home and the work/life balance line has become very blurred. The need to get away for a few days of rest and relaxation may be even greater now than before. However, the idea of getting on a plane and going somewhere exotic these days is less than appealing to many of us.  

When you picture a vacation in paradise, chances are you envision soft, warm sand stretching for miles and the endless ocean in front of you. Your worries wash away with the receding tide. The sun radiates down as you soak up the rays and enjoy the anticipated relaxation that comes from a day at the beach. And, let’s face it, the clearer the water and more pristine the beaches, the better the beach vacation!  


Destin, Florida is different than a lot of other beach towns, especially compared to other beaches in the sunshine state. Many years ago, Destin was a sleepy little fishing village. In recent years, it has grown in popularity to become a world-class beach destination for many. But it hasn’t lost its small-town family-friendly charm. There are no boardwalks in Destin for skating or biking along the beach. No Ocean Drive that traverses the beach for miles with restaurants and bars filled with sun worshipers clamoring to be seen and over indulging in the adult drink special for the day.  


So, what is the big attraction to Destin if not the party scene? Destin is best known for its fluffy white sand beaches and clear emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the perfect seaside vacation for a little rest and relaxation. If you like action, there are plenty of attractions for the whole family ranging from go-karts to flyboarding or taking leisurely stroll along HarborWalk Village Boardwalk for Ice cream or souvenir shopping. 
For those of you who love seafood, where better to sample some of the best locally caught fish than in “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”?
Destin has several restaurants that serve up the freshest and most delicious seafood caught right here in the Gulf of Mexico.


What makes the sand in Destin so white?

The beaches in the Destin area among the whitest and most homogenous of the world and are one of the great natural phenomena of our nation. The fluffy white sand really isn’t sand at all. It is small quartz particles that came from a process involving the Appalachian Mountains and the Apalachicola River many years ago. Large volumes of water carried the quartz particles from the rock that forms the Appalachian Mountains and deposited them in the Gulf of Mexico, just 125 miles to the east of what is now Destin. As the sea level began to rise, these quartz sands eventually formed a new shoreline. The sands today continually replenish and reach as far west as the Pensacola Pass, their final destination.  

One of the awesome things is, it’s still happening today! That’s why the white sand hasn’t disappeared from erosion due to the many storms that have come through the area over the years; the Apalachicola River is continually feeding new pulverized quartz into the waterfront to keep the beaches nearly as white as snow. 

What makes the water in Destin so green?

The dazzling emerald color of the water is partly due to the reflection of the white sand beaches. The powdery, white sand of the Emerald Coast creates a distinct backdrop and better reflects the true color of the water. Because the sun plays a big role in why the waters are emerald, the water may not be as green on rainy days. 

Ready to dip your toes in fluffy white sand and water as clear as a swimming pool? An escape to Destin offers crystal clear water, some of the freshest seafood in the country, and beautiful white sand beaches.  

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